Who is Project Hammer?

Hi! I’m Cody, the builder and creator behind Project Hammer.  From as early as I can remember, I have been building things.  In 8th grade shop, I am pretty sure that I was the only one in shop that cut dados, beveled edges, and used both the band saw and scroll saw.  My father and grandfather are builders.  I was bound to use those carpentry and woodworking throughout my life.  As projects became more complex, I knew I wanted to do something with it.  Read along to find out how Project Hammer came to be.

A little about me...

  • Montana native
  • Married with 3 daughters
  • Lived in Montana, Utah, and Arizona
  • MPA from Arizona State University and BA from Walden University
  • I spend most of my non-working time with my family
  • We all enjoy outdoor activities, music, movies, and games

Where did it all start?

It all started with this playhouse.  I had always known that I wanted to build a playhouse for my girls at some point.  And I finally decided to do it.  Not just any playhouse, I wanted it to be fully finished with electrical, drywall, and a loft.  So I dug deep into my roots and began to plan it out.  My first hurdle was tools.  I didn’t have much.

And it went like...

I had a tool belt and some framing tools from the few months I spent on a framing crew many years prior.  I borrowed a nail gun from a friend and purchased a compressor from a classified ad.  And I was off.  It took longer than I expected but I was so happy with the results.  And so were the my girls.  Every piece was custom made including the Dutch door.

Shed Kits

I knew that I wanted to continue building but did not really know in what capacity.  I ended up assembling shed kits purchased from major box stores.  I drove all over Arizona building sheds on the weekends.  I began with borrowed tools until I was able to purchase my own.

Testing the waters...

After a little while, I decided to try my hand at other projects.  I turned to social media to see if I could find something.  I found closet built-ins, a hot pink chicken coop, and a few drywall projects.  I knew that I had something that I wanted to pursue.


Project Hammer is expanding from project building to content creation and this website.  Project Hammer Central is the hub for all social media, blog posts, and project requests.  The focus is to inspire and educate.

Project Hammer makes...

I have built sheds, playhouses, chicken coops, custom closets, decks, tables, doll houses, lemonade stands, planter boxes, corn hole, and a beautiful cully-custom playroom.  Those are not all of my projects but some of my favorites.  And I’m just getting started.

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