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Daybreak Playroom

Built-in Playroom

I am thrilled to review this project.  I had so much fun with this playroom.  The customer wanted to use this unique space in her basement for something special.  When…
Work boots

Work boots buying guide

Let’s talk boots!  This is one of my favorite subjects.  I fully expect this topic to lead to many more articles.  I will keep this article as simple as possible…
Motorcycle Barn Shed

Motorcycle Barn

The motorcycle barn was design and executed with storage in mind.  When I met the customer, we took a walk through his garage.  He showed me all the things he…
Farmhouse Coop

Farmhouse chicken coop

The farmhouse chicken coop was a blast.  This was the first customer to send CAD drawings of the exact measurements and design they wanted.  They knew exactly what they wanted…
Hammer tool belt

Hammer buying guide

How could Project Hammer not have a buying guide for hammers?  Like most articles, I will focus on general hammer use by home owners and do-it-yourselfers (DIY).  Also, this article…

Work gloves buying guide

Protecting your hands and still being able to get work done is an ongoing battle.  Thick gloves offer the most protection but the least amount of dexterity.  On the other…

Making it a reality​

My favorite part of any project is taking an idea and make it a reality.  There is a purpose for every project.  The purpose could be utilitarian, fun, design, or a mixture of everything.  This is what makes each project unique and special.  I love it when customers send me photos of their newly organized sheds or videos of their children enjoying in their new playhouse.  Bringing a sketch to life is the best.


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