Farmhouse Chicken Coop

Farmhouse chicken coop

The farmhouse chicken coop was a blast.  This was the first customer to send CAD drawings of the exact measurements and design they wanted.  They knew exactly what they wanted and I was able to make it happen.  The project was in a new development area and the landscaping was still under construction.  So when I arrived, they did not have the fence yet or anything else you see above.  And when all was said and done, this is a beautiful and functional use of a side yard.

The Plan

We started with the above drawing and few inspiration photos.  The end result changed slightly throughout the project.  We moved the nesting boxes to the back and ended up with the light on the right side of the door.  Having said that, we stuck pretty close to the original plans.  

  • Overall size 8′ x 4′
  • Overall height 6′
  • Cut out door (untrimmed)
  • Lighting on the inside and outside
  • Ground up coop design for storage beneath
  • Inset coop floor for easy maintenance
  • Chicken wire on sides and top of the run
  • Two nesting boxes

With these details, I prebuilt the majority of the coop to assemble onsite.  It also allowed for this project to be installed in just two days.

The Build

Day 1
I prebuilt the majority of the coop and run and added a coat of primer.  As you can see above, the fence was not installed yet but the fence posts helped me position the coop exactly where it needed to be.  This was crucial because there was planned to have a fence gate that would open directly to the nesting boxes.  Which is why we moved them to the back.  I was able to get all the pre-built sections assembled and the roof built on day one.

Day 2

With the structure built, I just need to finish up a few items like the top to the run, install the nesting boxes, paint, and finish up the electrical.  Also, in hind sight, I should have painted the entire run completely before adding the chicken wire.  It made things difficult.  But it turned out great just added some more time.

The Result

The Exterior

The domed and untrimmed door is probably my favorite feature to this chicken coop.  It was a challenge to make sure that everything stayed lined up but I love how it turned out.

The Interior

The inset coop floor will make it very nice to add mulch and change out as needed.  The light is beneficial for the hens especially when they are learning where the roosting bars are or when it is really dark.  I think the ladies will find it spacious yet safe to roost and nest.

The Run and Nesting Boxes

The run is plenty big for a small batch of hens.  The ramp will allow them easy access to the coop with plenty of height to feel safe from predators.  And the nesting boxes have direct access from fence gate so the owners can get their eggs with ease.

Farmhouse Chicken Coop

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