Daybreak Playroom

Built-in Playroom

I am thrilled to review this project.  I had so much fun with this playroom.  The customer wanted to use this unique space in her basement for something special.  When she approached me with the idea of a built-in playroom, I was very excited.  She sent me some ideas and we discussed dimensions for a while until we had a game plan.  Even with all that planning, we ended up making a huge change halfway through.  But I’m glad we did.  Let’s jump in.

The Plan

This playroom needed to fill an open space but it wasn’t a large space for the amount of features that needed to be incorporated.  Check out all these special features.

  • Foam pit
  • Rock wall
  • Swing
  • Two levels
  • Lower level – dedicated entrance (no door), tunnel, access from foam pit, opens up in back corner for added space, and an additional opening to ball pit
  • Upper level – Accessed from ladder, ladder in the ball pit, ramp to platform, and a slide from platform into foam pit
  • Mountains painted on rock wall

I honestly do not remember how long this project took but I can say that every single piece of it was custom made.  Including the slide.  I have broken down this project into the first level, second level, the change, paint, and features.

The Build

First level
This was a relatively new home and I did not want to be the cause of a single scratch.  The first thing I did was mask off the work area.  Then I began with the 2×3 framing.  I used pocket holes for pretty much the entire thing.  I did this to ensure durability but I also wanted to hide all screws behind the plywood.  All of this was built onsite so that I could make sure that I covered every inch of the space.
Second level
Framing out the second level was basically the same as the first.  I noticed one challenge right away because the wall running front to back was in-between the floor joists so I did not have a place to anchor the wall.  I ended up putting a support from the side wall that worked out great.  And once I painted it, it blended in nicely.  You’ll also notice the first change.  In the back right side of the first level there is an opening.  We started with a small opening but it seemed too much like a prison window.  So we made it larger and matched the height of foam pit wall.  Next went up the rock wall and it was ready to paint.  But then…
The Change
I received a call from the customer that she had an idea.  She then sent the inspiration photo above.  She wanted it to look like the front of a house.  So I added lapped siding and a roof.  The roof a little later on.  I was glad she had this idea because I think it elevated the whole project.  Once caulked and trimmed, it was ready for paint.
Painting this all white was the original idea but wait until you see the end result for the added black accents and focus wall.

It was time to paint the rock wall, build the railing, ladder, slide, and roof.  The ladder was actually an interesting story.  The slide I had ordered was not going to make it in time.  But we had already decided on the size and design.  So I whipped up onsite because it had to be installed that same day.  Truth be told, I like mine better than the one I ordered.


The Result

I could not be happier with how it turned out.  The customer added a little table, rug, and the vined wall converting this whole space into an dream playroom for one lucky little girl.  She sent me a few videos of her playing in it later on.  It was so rewarding to see her enjoying it so much.

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