Modern playhouse

The modern playhouse is one of my favorite projects.  The customer had compiled a few photos for inspiration that we started from which ended up in an entirely custom build.  In this article, we will review the plans, special features, and progress as we were able to come up a special place for tea parties, movie nights, and special events.  This lucky little girl will be able to host her own birthday party.  How cool is that?

The Plan

We reviewed the ins and outs of the above designs trying to find the exact features and right size.  We ended up with the following list that needed to be incorporated into the build.

  • Overall size 13′ x 8′
  • Overall height 6′
  • Squared off windows and doors (vs arched)
  • Dutch door
  • 4 windows (2 swing open)
  • Patio and veranda
  • Stained wood floor inside
  • Stained wood decking
  • Painted interior and exterior
  • Interior and electrical lighting
  • Architectural shingles

With these details, I headed to the shop to map it all out and get materials.  This project took about 3 full days to install.  We will walk through this build one day at a time.

The Build

Day 1
On the first day, my brother and I needed to have the main house built and roofed to keep on schedule.  It was early fall and temperatures were dropping quickly.  We started by hauling all the pre-built pieces from the truck.  That was actually the first challenge because the pathway was tight and we had to bring them up a steep side yard.  Luckily, we managed without injury to ourselves or the material.  Once all the puzzle pieces were in place, we got to work.

Day 2

Day two’s focus was the veranda and patio.  By the end of the day, I was able to install all the windows throughout with just enough time to paint up the doors to be installed next.

Day 3
Day 3 was pretty cool because the customer had put up her holiday lights and put a few strands on the playhouse.  The temperature was getting too cold for paint so the patio and veranda fence needed to be finished that day.  It did not help that they soaked up 3-4 coats of paint.  That wasn’t a surprise because they were made of rough cedar.  Once the railing was dry enough to work around,  I installed the Dutch door.  It looked so cute and I was anxious to wrap it up.  All that was left was staining the decking and touchups.

The Result

The Exterior

I absolutely loved the color pallet chosen by the customer. The white and beige paint mixed with natural wood made it wispy and warm.  The dark hardware popped and the plexiglass windows just made it look even more vintage and sweet.  The bold 4×4 posts also made a nice statement on a smaller structure.

The Veranda

This was a most unique part of this playhouse.  It had direct access to the inside through saloon-style windows for the host to serve her guests with ease.  The space was about 5 ft x 5 ft.  Plenty of space for a small table, plants, and maybe even a projector screen for the summer movie nights with friends.

The Door

When considering a playhouse, a fan favorite to add a Dutch door.  The top half connects smoothly to the bottom with a slide bolt.  I chose slide bolts because they are slim and easy for little ones to manipulate.  The door has a dual magnet on the top as well as another slide bolt on the bottom to help keep it closed when they forget to latch it.

The Inside

We simply painted the inside white with a solid back wall.  The customer had plans to install wallpaper throughout for a touch of depth, dimension, and color.  From the inside, there is easy access to the light switch next the door.  On the opposite side of the dual veranda windows is another set of windows that open to the side of the house.

I love how this turned out.  It was fun to make something so sweet and functional.  This little girl is going to remember her playhouse house for the rest of her life.  I hope she and her family are able to make some great memories.

Check out this project video

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